Birchfall Edit

Brown tabby birchfall

Ivypool's father, Birchfall, was tricked into training with the warriors from the Place of No Stars. It did change him though, because he bacame more battle-hungry than ever before. Ivypool could see this and was terrified that her own father might betray his clan in the final battle. Birchfall was aware that Ivypool was always acting a little nervous and secretive in her sleep, but he never questioned it. He awlways believed he was doing the right thing, along with Blossomfall and Mousewhisker. He always believed he was doing the right thing until the Dark Forest finally told the clan cats what the real scheme that is. Birchfall was terrified but didn't speak out, which was a wise decision, because Brokenstar had threatened to kill anyone who didn't agree. In the end, Birchfall kept his unwavering loyalty to his clan, and was delighted when the clans won.